Age of Empires Windows MacOS

Age of Empires is a civilization simulator strategy game where different empires fight to rule.

Balance of Power Windows MacOS Other

Balance of power is a strategy game where one must lead a superpower nation to avoid war. It was ported to the Mac, Apple II, Windows, Atari ST, and Amiga.

Microshaft Winblows 98 Windows MacOS

Winblows 98, from Parroty Interactive, is an interactive puzzle where you must find hidden passwords to gain access to secret Microshaft systems. You are rewarded with access to secret Microshaft "applications" and humorous videos. The humor is kind of dry and campy, but it is still worth a few yucks. Includes the mini-games Microshaft Internet Exploder, X-Fools, and Whack the Ewok. For Win9x and MacOS.

Sid Meier's Civilization MacOS

Civilization is an addictive turn-based strategy game where you build cities, grow an empire, and compete against rival civilizations. The ultimate goal is to advance your tribe of primitives until they are the first to reach Alpha Centauri, or just conquer the entire Earth.

SimCity DOS Windows Linux MacOS

SimCity is a stragety game in which you are the mayor of your own virtual city and you can control the aspects of it - from city planning of land use, development of infrastructure, zoning of schools, police and fire, and the problems that come with a city such as crime, education quality, etc...