Alpine Tram Ride DOS

Alpine Tram Ride, from Learning Technologies Inc, is a children's educational game for the IBM PC. Given a tram ride full of animals, the player must guess which animal is in which car.

Chex Quest DOS Windows

Chex Quest is a non-violent first person shooter that was distributed with certain boxes of Chex Cereal based on the DOOM engine.

Death Rally DOS

Death Rally is a top-down view racing game. The object of the game is to stop your opponents winning by shooting them. To progress through the game weapons and enhancements for the cars are needed.


Doom is the original fully immersive 3-D first person shooter from ID software.

Expert Puzzles and Mazes DOS

Expert Puzzles and Mazes is a set of budget games for the IBM PC. It consists of three programs: Satori, a Maze Generator, and a picture puzzle.

Heretic DOS

Popular 3D shooting game with similarities to DOOM.

IBM 3-K Trivia DOS

3-K Trivia is an entertaining and educational party game that challenges you with 3,000 questions in several categories and also lets you add your own questions. Entertainment Series.

IBM Backgammon DOS

Backgammon is a richly detailed, colorful game for beginning backgammon players. It also includes a two-player game for more experienced players. Entertainment Series.

IBM Crypto-mania DOS

Crypto-mania is an entertainment program that one can use to create or solve cryptograms - a set or words or sentences where letters are randomly swapped for another. Entertainment Series.

IBM Liptocoe DOS

Liptocoe is a challenging maze game where you collect energy cells while dealing with enemies to make your way to the next level. Family.

IBM Matrix Madness DOS

Matrix Madness is a game where you must select shapes to complete a matrix of patterns. Entertainment Series.

IBM Microsoft Decathlon DOS

Microsoft Decathlon consists of 10 games that make up the Olympic Decathlon. It can be played solo or against opponents. This was one of the earlier commercial games available for the IBM PC, and sold directly by IBM. It was available for other platforms under the name "Olympic Decathlon".

IBM Music 101 DOS

IBM Music 101 "Trivia from Mozart to Motown" is a trivia game where players race the computers clock to guess the answer to a variety of music trivia questions.

IBM Scattergrams DOS

Scattergrams is an entertainment program where you solve jumbled quotations. Part of the Personally Developed Software and Entertainment Family

IBM These United States DOS

These United States is an educational game, where one is quizzed on state names, capitals, and geography.

IBM Trivia 101 DOS

IBM Trivia 101 is a general trivia game that is both fun and educational. It has trivia about names, places, facts, and figures with more than 5000 questions in over 200 categories. Up to 14 individuals of teams can play.

IBM Word Seeking DOS

Word Seeking is a puzzle program where you find words hidden in jumbles of letters. You can create your own puzzles with your own set of words. Part of IBM's Personally Developed Software and Entertainment Family

Jill of the Jungle DOS

New 256-color scrolling arcade adventure, supports VGA/EGA/CGA/Jys, Sound Blaster. HOT! Epic MegaGames brings you a new era in gaming with this immense 16-level world featuring Super Nintendo-quality animation, effects and sound track. Try JILL OF THE JUNGLE now!

Lemmings DOS

Lemmings is a puzzle platform game originally published for the Amiga in 1991. The objective is to guide a group of humanonid lemmings through mazes to the exit. You must dtermine how to assign a limited amount of 8 unique skills to specific lemmings. These kills allow a lemming to alter the terrain, affect behavior of others, or to clear obsticles. It was a highly popular game in the early 1990s and came in several sequels and spin-offs.

Microsoft Adventure DOS

Microsoft Adventure is a text based interactive fiction game based on "Colossal Cave Adventure" by Will Crowther. It was one of the first games for the IBM PC.

Microsoft Flight Simulator DOS

Flight Simulator is simulation "game" in which you pilot an airplane around the world. It started off as subLOGIC Flight Simulator on the Apple II, but was OEMed by Microsoft for the IBM PC. It was very popular, and one of few early games to provide a "3d" experience.

Microsoft Space Simulator DOS

Microsoft Space Simulator is a space flight simulator program for MS-DOS. It was one of the first general-purpose space flight simulators and it incorporated concepts from astrodynamics and celestial mechanics.

Music Construction Set DOS

Music Construction Set is a program that lets you compose "music" using a graphical user interface. It supports 3-voice sound on the IBM PCjr and Tandy 1000, and 4-voice sound via the Model 5150's cassette port!

Pinball Construction Set DOS

Pinball Construction Set is a pinball game that lets you create your own custom game layouts. It was one of the earliest programs to popularize the use of drag-and-drop.

SimCity DOS Windows Linux MacOS

SimCity is a stragety game in which you are the mayor of your own virtual city and you can control the aspects of it - from city planning of land use, development of infrastructure, zoning of schools, police and fire, and the problems that come with a city such as crime, education quality, etc...