Virex 5.x (Mac)

Virex is another of the 1990's who-owns-it-this-week products. Originally a virus scanner and disk utility set for Macintosh and PC from Microcom, who then became Datawatch, sold the Macintosh version of Virex to Dr. Solomon's. In 1998 all of this was bought out by Network Associates - a merger of McAfee and Network General Corp.

It appears the PC version was related to the budget title Flu-Shot Plus.

Wanted: Virex/PC


Release notes

Version 5.9, still using the "Dr Solomon's" prefix, was the first release under Network Associates. Reportedly it was long delayed, creating headaches for Macintosh users as Macintosh based Viruses began to surge.

As of version 5.9, its primary competition was Norton Anti-Virus.

5.9 requires:

  • A Motorola 68020 or later processor

  • Mac OS 7.1 or later

  • 4MB of available random-access memory (RAM)

  • 7MB of available hard disk space

Product type
Application Utility
Network Associates
Release date
User interface
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Dr Solomans Virex 5.9 for Macintosh (1998) (ISO) 5.9 for Macintosh English 16.53MB 0


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