VersaCAD 5.3

First released in 1983 by T & W Systems Inc (later Versacad Corporation) and based on their earlier T-Square product, VersaCAD is a sophisticated professional object design and drawing tool for the IBM PC. It competed heavily against AutoCAD. A very in-depth history of VersaCAD can be found on Cadhistory (PDF Link)

Wanted: Earlier versions, manuals.


Release notes

VersaCAD DESIGN 5.3 (formerly just VersaCAD) includes the new 3d modeler and bill of materials modules in one package. The 3d modeler features the ability to view an object in up to 16 different viewports, 3d copying features, customizable menus.

Installation instructions

Requires IBM PC or compatible with DOS 2.0 or higher, 640k RAM, hard drive, supported graphics card and pointing device, 286 or 386 CPU, math co-processor is optional.

Note: during installation there is no option for PS/2 mouse - just select Microsoft Serial mouse and make sure your DOS mouse driver (mouse.exe) is loaded. Also, for standard VGA, select Video Graphics Array SINGLE.

Product type
Application Graphics Engineering
Versacad Corporation
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VersaCAD DESIGN 5.3 (5.25-1.2mb) 5.3 English 2.18MB 0


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