VEDIT Plus 2.x

VEDIT, from CompuView, is an extremely powerful, flexible, and customizable editor designed for power users and programmers. It can handle extremely huge files. It has a programmable command mode that can be used to automatically perform complex operations on files. It features a completely customizable keyboard layout and special features for editing programming language source files.

It was a highly portable program. It was available for a number of operating systems including CP/M-80, CP/M-86, and MS-DOS, and supported a large number of terminal types.

Wanted: Other earlier versions

Release notes

VEDIT Plus features split-screen windows of varying sizes and pop-up menus.

This distribution was intended for use with the NEC APC using MS-DOS.

This archive contains two 8-inch floppy disk images in ImageDisk format.

Original source is Bitsavers.

Product type
Application Word Processor Editor
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1 (0 for release)


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VEDIT Plus 2.33 for NEC APC (8-inch) PLus 2.33 for NEC APC English 749.78KB 0


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