The New Basics Electronic Cookbook 1992

Created from the best-selling Silver Palate Cookbook series by authors Julee Rosso and Sheila Lukins, The New Basics Electronic Cookbook includes a library of over 1,800 delicious recipes, hundreds of colorful pictures, and a wide range of helpful cooking hints, spoken by the authors themselves.

You pick the search guidelines, choosing from food groups, custom menus or meal types. And if you want to substitute ingredients, change portions or switch to metric measurements, the tools to do so are readily available.

This multi-media cookbook is rich with helpful information on buying, preparing and serving delicious meals, and will help you design a gourmet menu using ingredients that are already at hand. It's the kitchen reference of tomorrow for today's creative cook.


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IBM PC/XT/AT or compatible. 640K RAM. CD-ROM drive with audio output and driver software. VGA monitor and graphics adapter. DOS 3.3 or higher. Microsoft CD-ROM Extensions 2.1 or higher. Mouse recommended.

Note: This CD was archived with PowerISO, skipping errors, saved as a BIN/CUE. The original CD has some kind of odd formatting issue that confuses Alcohol 120, ImgBurn, and other CD tools. Using this bin/cue, a copy of this CD was successfully written by ImgBurn although verification errors had to be ignored.

This CD has an audio track that is used by the software.

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