Deskmate is a GUI shell, program environment, and organizational application suite bundled by Tandy with their computers. The first two fully graphical versions were renamed "Personal Deskmate" I and II. Earlier versions were text based.

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Tandy Deskmate is an integrated office suite and personal data manager. It includes word processing, spreadsheet, database, telecommunications, calendar, and mail functionality.

This version is specifically for the TRS-80 Model 4 running TRS-DOS 6.02.


Category: Operating System
Platform: Other
Release: 1984
End of Life: Unknown
RAM: Unknown
Disk Space: Unknown
Required CPU: Z80 (TRS-80 Model 4)
Type: Console (Text)



Name Version Size Language Architecture Contents
Tandy DeskMate 1.00 for TRS-80 M4  1.00 for TRS-80 M4 1.23 MB English Other 5.25" Floppy
Tandy DeskMate 1.00 for TRS-80 M4 Manual  1.00 for TRS-80 M4 6.03 MB English x86 File Archive