Tandy Deskmate Personal DeskMate 2

Deskmate is a GUI shell, program environment, and organizational application suite bundled by Tandy with their computers. The first two fully graphical versions were renamed "Personal Deskmate" I and II. Earlier versions were text based.


Release notes

This is the second release of Tandy's GUI-based "Personal DeskMate" series. (Do not confuse with the character based "DeskMate II")

It is designed for specifically for use on the Tandy 1000 HX and 1000 TX. Added a 3-voice Music program plus enhancements to the Paint program, including a separate "Canvas" screen with full 16-color capability. Function Keys were reinstated, with the program core now modularized.

Installation instructions

Important: This software will not run properly on standard IBM PC clones or emulators. It requires special graphics modes only available on certain models of Tandy computers.

Personal DeskMate 2 can run in DOSBox using the Tandy machine emulation.

Source: ftp://ftp.oldskool.org/pub/tvdog/tandy1000/deskmate/

Product type
Release date
Minimum CPU
8088 (Tandy 1000HX)
User interface
Download count
17 (3 for release)


Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
Tandy Personal DeskMate 2 [Tandy 1000HX] (3.5) Personal DeskMate 2 [Tandy 1000HX] English 294.83KB 2
Tandy Personal DeskMate 2 [Tandy 1000HX] Manual Personal DeskMate 2 [Tandy 1000HX] English 12.15MB 1


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