Sun Solaris 2.x

Solaris is a Unix based operating system created by Sun Microsystems (now purchased by Oracle in 2010). It is the successor to SunOS and was released initially in June of 1992. The OS is based off of System V Unix and its first release was known internally as SunOS 5. This OS was typically used on SPARC based processors, up until 1994 when it began to support x86 and x86-64 based machines. Versions of Solaris up until version 8 are considered abandoned, with version 9's support ending in October 2014.

The OS has been open-sourced and its successor is OpenSolaris. Oracle still sells Solaris, with the most recent version being 11.2 released in April of 2014.

Release notes

This includes the Short lived PowerPC port of Solaris 2.5.1. This was the only PPC version ever released as the port was canceled before the 2.6 release. Supports a number of IBM and Motorola PowerPC machines. (Not Macintosh PPC)

Product type
Sun Microsystems
Release date
Minimum CPU
Sun Sparc
User interface
Download count
26 (10 for release)


Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
Sun Solaris 2.2 [Sun SPARC] 2.2 [Sun SPARC] English 124.81MB 0
Sun Solaris 2.3 [Sun SPARC] 2.3 [Sun SPARC] English 146.95MB 0
Sun Solaris 2.4 [Sun SPARC] 2.4 [Sun SPARC] English 145.64MB 2
Sun Solaris 2.4 [i386] 2.4 [i386] English 106.93MB 0
Sun Solaris 2.5.1 [PPC] 2.5.1 [PPC] English 170.68MB 1
Sun Solaris 2.5.1 [i386] 2.5.1 [i386] English 117.01MB 2
Sun Solaris [Sun SPARC] [Sun SPARC] English 163.74MB 1
Sun Solaris 2.6.598 [Sun SPARC] 2.6.598 [Sun SPARC] English 314.21MB 4


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