Spellbinder 6.10

Spellbinder, from Lexisoft and later Ltec Inc, is a word processing program originally created for CP/M and OASIS operating systems and eventually competed with WordStar. It was designed as a work-alike of the NBI Word Processing system and featured spell checking, grammar checking, footnotes, two-column print, proportional printing, and macro programming language. It was bundled with machines from Eagle Computers, Hewlett-Packard, and Xerox.


Release notes

Notably, the keyboards used on Eagle computers contained Spellbinder-specific command key markings. Eagle bundled versions with both their CP/M computers (I, II, III, IV, IIe), and MS-DOS PC compatibles (Eagle 1600 and Eagle PC)

Later CP/M versions were sold by Lambda Software Publishing, and the last CP/M version of Spellbinder was 5.3

6.10 may be the last DOS version?

The Spellbinder Word Processor is not to be confused with the separate "Spellbinder Desktop Publisher" product.

More information about spellbinder can be found here: http://www.old-computers.com/museum/description/soft_spellbinder.htm

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Application Word Processor
Ltec Inc.
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