Softkey/WordStar PC Paintbrush 1.x

Softkey/WordStar's PC Paintbrush is a paint program and photo editor for Windows 3.x. It only somewhat resembles Zsoft PC Paintbrush but is basically re-branded Zsoft PhotoFinish, released after Zsoft was bought out. It was initially sold by WordStar International, and then later SoftKey.

Note that WordStar International/Softkey reset their release version numbers at "1.0". The SoftKey version is still credited to WordStar International.

Installation instructions

This is a 16-bit Windows 3.0 application.

Note: It will crash on startup on some emulators due to the way it has its own virtual memory manager.

Product type
Application Graphics
WordStar International
Release date
User interface


Download Name Version Language CPU File type File size
SoftKey PC Paintbrush Designer 1.0 for Windows (1995) (ISO) Designer 1.0 for Windows English x86 CD 14.93MB
WordStar PC Paintbrush 1.0 for Windows (1994) (3.5-1.44mb) 1.0 for Windows English x86 3½ Floppy 2.79MB


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