SmartWare 3.x

SmartWare, also called "Smart Software System" originally from Innovative Software and later purchased by Informix, is an integrated office suite that was primarily successful in the European market. It includes a communication module, word processor, database, spreadsheet, and spreadsheet graphing.

It was primarily targeted at high end corporate use. Its strength at the time was its ability to create custom automation applications that incorporated all parts of the SmartWare office program, and the ability to move data between the modules.

It was a complex yet powerful program. It competed with Ashton-Tate Framework and Cosmos Revelation. It was originally for DOS, but was later ported to Unix. It was licensed by Rockwell International for company-wide internal use.


Release notes

Supports IBM CGA, AT&T 6300, PC-3270, Hercules, Compaq, Tandy 2000, IBM EGA, and the STB Graphics Plus II.

This set does not include the spell checker (it was sold separately).

Product type
Application Word Processor Spreadsheet Communications Database
Informix/Innovative Software
Release date
Minimum CPU
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Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
SmartWare 3.10 (Smart Lan Multiuser) (Rockwell OEM) (1986) (5.25-360k) 3.10 English 50.54MB 0


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