Sidekick 1.0 for Windows

Borland Sidekick is a DOS based PIM (Personal Information Manager) and one of the first widely-used TSR (terminate and stay resident) programs. The key feature of Sidekick was that one could use Sidekick's utilities while using most other MS-DOS applications. This was important because MS-DOS had no built-in multi-tasking or task switching capabilities.

Later versions for OS/2 and Windows were simply a bundle of a similar PIM and utility programs.

Sidekick competed against a number of similar MS-DOS TSR utilities such as Popcorn Desktop,

Sidekick for Windows 1.0 is a simplistic personal information manager for Windows 3.1. It includes a customizable address book, and an appointment calendar. Despite the name, it has nothing at all in common with the earlier DOS based Sidekick product. It is based on Prisma Software Corp's YourWay, a software product acquired by Borland.

Installation instructions

IMPORTANT: Due to a bug, Sidekick for Windows 1.0 will refuse to start if the system date is later than 12/13/1999!

This is a 16-bit Windows 3.1 application.

Product type
Application Utility PIM
Release date
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Download Name Version Language CPU File type File size
Borland Sidekick for Windows 1.0 (3.5-1.44mb) 1.0 for Windows English x86 3½ Floppy 1.35MB


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