QuickBasic 3.0

Microsoft QuickBasic, not to be confused with the lesser QBasic, was a Basic interpreter and compiler product loosely based on GW-Basic. Version 2.0 for DOS and later included an Integrated Development Environment. Microsoft also produced QuickPascal and QuickC with similar integrated environments.

QuickBASIC was positioned as an entry level for their BASIC Professional Development System, and competed against language products targeted at hobbyists, such as those from Borland.

Wanted: Manual scans.

Release notes

Major release. Comes with QB.EXE and QB87.EXE. The QB87.EXE program supports the math coprocessor. The following additional new language statements are added: SELECT CASE, DO LOOP, CONST.

The editor includes insert/overtype mode command. You can use the editor with SuperKey, Prokey, or Sidekick. Other features include a simple debugger to set breakpoints and watch variables. The editor can take advantage of 43-line mode on the Enhanced Graphics Adapter (EGA) card.

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Microsoft QuickBASIC Compiler 3.0 (3.5) 3.0 English 260.75KB 0
Microsoft QuickBASIC Compiler 3.0 (5.25) 3.0 English 331.96KB 0
Microsoft QuickBASIC Compiler 3.00 Reference (HTML) 3.00 English 60.2KB 0


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