Publish-IT 1.x

Publish-It! is a WYSIWYG desktop publishing tool originally created by the UK based GST Software for the TOS/GEM Atari ST system. There were versions for IBM PC/GEM, Apple II, Macintosh (as "Publish-It! Easy"), and later Microsoft Windows.

It has many visual similarities to Ventura Publisher. Like most desktop publishing tools, it is not a full word processor, but rather imports text and focuses on high-quality formatting and printing.

In the US it was sold under Timeworks, and was targeted as a low cost budget title for home users. SoftKey also released a version branded as Key Publisher

Publish-it for DOS is a GEM based desktop publishing tool, similar to Ventura Publisher.

Product type
Application Publishing
Release date
User interface


Download Name Version Language CPU File type File size
Publish-It 1.12 1.12 For DOS/GEM English x86 3½ Floppy 1.47MB
Publish-It 1.2 1.2 for DOS/GEM English x86 3½ Floppy 1.64MB


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