PFS:File 1.00 (IBM)

PFS:File is an easy to use flat file database that started off as "PFS: The Personal Filing System" on the Apple II and then ported to the IBM PC, TRS-80, and other platforms. OEM version were available from various companies including IBM. Later it evolved in to PFS:Professional File, and IBM rebranded a version as IBM Filing Assistant.

Other members of the PFS family include: PFS:Write, PFS:Graph, PFS:Report, and PFS:Plan.

Wanted: PFS:File for TRS-80, PFS:File 1.05 IBM OEM, PFS:File for Tandy 2000, PFS:File for DEC Rainbow, PFS:Professional File System for Apple II, PFS:File for Apple II, PFS:File for Apple II Prodos.


Release notes

PFS:File is a computer program that helps you store and retrieve information in a way that is familiar, fast, reliable, and powerful.

To use FILE, you need the following :

  • an IBM Personal Computer with at least 64KB of memory
  • one or (preferably) two diskette drives
  • an IBM Monochrome Display or other 80-column video monitor
  • a printer (optional)

Installation instructions

This archive contains one 160K disk image in Raw, ImageDisk, CopyIIPC+Snatchit, Transcopy

Note: This product contains copy protection. For your convenience, an unprotect has been applied to the raw disk image, Imagedisk disk image, and the files folder.

Product type
Application Database
Release date
Mon Nov 01 1982
Minimum CPU
Minimum RAM
Minimum free disk space
User interface
Download count
2 (0 for release)


Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
PFS File 1.00 (1982-11-01) (IBM OEM) (5.25-160k) (Kryoflux) (SCP) (TC) 1.00 (1982-11-01) (IBM OEM) English 13.02MB 0
PFS File 1.00 (IBM OEM) Manual 1.00 [IBM OEM] English 25.97MB 0


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