Perfect Filer 1.23

Perfect Filer, from Perfect Software, Inc, is an easy to use database for DOS bundled with a number of early DOS and CP/M computers. "Perfect Filer is designed to assist you in the effective management of information. Essentially Perfect Filer allows you to build a computerized records management system where data on clients, customers or other case records can be stored . No more typing and retyping the same information, searching through file drawers, or hand copying or typing information stored in a file . With Perfect Filer your computer can do these tasks and more . You enter information in the file only once, Perfect Filer retrieves it, prints it where and how you want it-on invoices, shipping labels, monthly statements, form letters, etc . Perfect Filer's uses in the modern office are unlimited."

Other products from Perfect Software include Perfect Calc, Perfect Writer, Perfect Speller, and Perfect Link.


Release notes

This release was part of a bundle included with Columbia Data Products computers, the first IBM PC hardware clone.

Installation instructions

This archive contains two 320k disk images in raw IMG, ImageDisk, Teledisk, and CopyIIPC+Snatchit format. There appears to be no copy protection. Note that these disks are formatted for DOS 1.1x, which WinImage does not support.

Product type
Application Database
Perfect Software, Inc
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Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
Perfect Filer 1.23 [CDP OEM] (5.25) 1.23 [CDP OEM] English 261.66KB 0
Perfect Filer 1.23 [CDP OEM] Manual 1.23 [CDP OEM] English 31.37MB 0


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