Peachtree Inventory Management 1984

Peachtree Inventory Management is a business accounting tool for tracking sales inventory.


Release notes

Speed and simplify the demanding task of effective inventory control with the Peachtree Inventory Management System. Inventory Control Permits the entry of four types of transactions: sales, returns, receipts and adjustments. Improve your inventory control, reduce your management costs and decrease customer response time with this straightforward method of updating your inventory records. Comprehensive reports include price lists, reorders, current period status, physical inventory, departmental summaries and more. Can be used independently or in conjunction with Accounts Receivable and Sales Invoicing.

Installation instructions

This version is intended for use on the IBM PC compatible Zenith Z-100PC series running MS-DOS. Supports the use of a hard drive.


To run this accounting package, an HS-151 Personal and HS-161 Portable Computer needs 192K of RAM and two 5.25" disk drives and the MS-DOS operating system along with the GW-BASIC programming language.

Zenith Part number RS-5065-5

Note: These disks are formatted for DOS 1.1, and may not open with WinImage.

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Peachtree Software Inc
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Peachtree Inventory Management (1983-12-15) [Zenith OEM] (5.25-360k) (1983-12-15) [Zenith OEM] English 382.69KB 0
Peachtree Inventory Management (1983-12-15) [Zenith OEM] (Manual) (1983-12-15) [Zenith OEM] English 45.13MB 0


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