PC Tools 4.x

PC Tools, from Central Point Software, is a system and disk utility suite similar to the Norton Utilities. Central Point also produced a similar set of tools for the Apple Macintosh known as MacTools. Central Point Backup, bundled as part of PC-Tools, was also offered as a standalone product.

The original DOS version was designed as a resident TSR program that let you perform file and disk management while you were using other DOS programs. From PC Tools you can perform file management such as copying, renaming, comparing, editing, or searching or disk management such as formatting and verifying. Later versions included undelete, a disk optimizer, a backup tool, a virus scanner, and a desktop shell.

The final version was 2.0 for Windows. In June 1994 Symantec, owner of Norton Utilities, acquired Central Point Software and then discontinued the PC Tools products.


Release notes

Version 4, 5, and 6r for DOS were marketed under the name "PC Tools Deluxe" (There is only the one "Deluxe" version for each release)

Installation instructions

Version 4.11 only works with FAT drives that are 32MB or less. It is intended for use with MS-DOS 3.3.

Version 4.3 is compatible with DOS 4 and later.

Product type
Application Utility
Central Point
Release date
User interface
Download count
21 (2 for release)


Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
PC Tools Deluxe 4.11 (5.25-360k) 4.11 English 158.04KB 1
PC Tools Deluxe 4.21 (5.25-360k) 4.21 English 160.04KB 0
PC Tools Deluxe 4.22 (5.25-360k) (3.5-360k) 4.22 English 7.67MB 0
PC Tools Deluxe 4.30 4.30 English 168.37KB 1


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