PC/IX 1.0

Interactive UNIX, also known as PC/IX, and 386/ix were UNIX derivitives created for the IBM PC in the early 1980's. PC/IX was the first UNIX sold directly from IBM, but not the first UNIX sold for the IBM PC. (Venix/86 was the first.) The original PC/IX software sold was on 19 floppy disks and sold for 900 dollars. In 1985, 386/ix was introduced, later named Interactive UNIX. The last version released was 4.1.1 in July 1998 and was supported up until 2006.


Release notes

IBM Personal Computer Interactive Executive 1.00, or PC/IX, was an unsuccessful single-user Unix port to the IBM PC XT based on System III Unix. PC/IX was created by Interactive Systems Corporation and sold through IBM.

Interactive Systems Corporation also later developed Advanced Interactive Executive, (AIX) based on UNIX System V for the RISC based IBM 6150 RT. However, the successors of PC/IX are 386/IX and Interactive Unix.

Installation instructions

This software is designed to operate on an IBM PC XT model 5160. It requires a hard drive, and may require a 100% XT hardware compatible controller card. It also may not work with VGA.

A ready-to run PC/IX hard disk image is available on the PCE download page: http://www.hampa.ch/pce/download.html

Wanted: Manual scan.

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