Overhead Express 1.x

Released in 1984 by Business & Professional Software, Inc, Overhead Express is a very early presentation program for the IBM PC that features high quality type, and an on screen print preview. It is geared towards overhead presentations, but can also be used for flyers, newsletters, report cover, labels, and more.


Release notes

Important: This software is copy protected, and no unprotect is known to exist. To create a usable disk, you must use the provided ImageDisk or Kryoflux image. To use it in an emulator, you must use an emulator that support copy protected disks. This software is tested to run in PCE

Archive includes one 3.5" 720k floppy disk image in ImageDisk and Kryoflux formats. This version is intended for use on a Data General One computer, but may work elsewhere.

Copy protection type: Extra sector on track zero.

Product type
Application Presentations
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User interface
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Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
Overhead Express 1.03 (1984) [Data General OEM] (3.5-720k) 1.03 English 16.88MB 0
Overhead Express 1.x Manual (June 1984) 1.x English 66.05MB 0


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