Omnis 3.x (Mac)

Omnis, from the European based Blyth Software, is an easy to use multiuser relational database for Windows, MacOS, and OS/2. It was the first database ported to Microsoft Windows, which ran on Windows 1.0x.

It started out on the Apple Macintosh, where its prominent feature was a graphical oriented system that integrated with the underlying database. However, on the PC platform, its reliance on Microsoft Windows hurt it, as few people had Windows 1 or 2, and most PC database products of the time only required MS-DOS.


Release notes

Omnis 3 Plus is a database application for the Apple Macinotsh 512K or higher that enables users to view, enter, and print data using the Macintosh's GUI. Omnis also features a built in GUI form and report editor.

The application may be run from a floppy disk, or copied to a hard drive.

Note: There were multiple revisions of Omnis 3 Plus.

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Product type
Application Database
Blythe Software Ltd.
Release date
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Minimum RAM
User interface
Download count
0 (0 for release)


Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
Omnis 3 Plus 3.11 for Macintosh (1985) (3.5-400k) Plus 3.11 for Macintosh English 56.74MB 0
Omnis 3 Plus 3.11 for Macintosh Manuals Plus 3.11 for Macintosh English 95.78MB 0
Omnis 3 Plus 3.3.07 for Macintosh [German] (1989) (3.5-800k) Plus 3.3.07 for Macintosh English 45.51MB 0


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