Norton Anti-Virus 2.0 (Win)

Originally written by Symantec and sold as Symantec Antivrus for Macintosh, it became part of the "Norton" branded products sold by Symantec after they acquired Peter Norton Computing. Norton Anti-Virus became a popular product on DOS, Windows, and Macintosh (SAM was renamed to NAV in 1998) and battled the then-new threat of malicious software. In 2015, Symantec unified their security product lineup under the single "Norton Security" product. It was also bundled with Norton SystemWorks.

Release notes

This version is for Windows 95 and NT

Product type
Application Utility
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1 (1 for release)


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Norton Antivirus 2 for Windows 95-NT (ISO) 2 for Windows 95-NT English 12.2MB 1


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