NeXTStep 3.x

NeXTSTEP, from NeXT Computers headed by Steve Jobs, is a Unix based operating system designed to run on m68K NeXT workstations. It later became the basis for OS X, with APIs and concepts preserved today.

This OS offered many unique things, in addition to the unique hardware it originally ran on. It had Interface Builder, a tool to create UIs with little to no code. To make building the UIs and code easier, it had robust database support to bind data with. Objective-C was the preferred programming language, a hybrid of C and Smalltalk. Underneath was a Mach microkernel and a 4.2BSD subsystem.

NeXTSTEP 3.x saw many major changes. 3.0 is only for NeXT 68k hardware, but 3.1, 3.2, and 3.3 also support Intel 32-bit x86 hardware. NeXTSTEP 3.3 was the final release under the NeXTSTEP name, and the most popular on NeXT hardware.

Installation instructions

Note: The 3.x CDs are in BSD Unix format rather than standard ISO. Many CD utilities will not directly open these images, requiring you to write them as "raw" data.

Product type
Release date
Minimum CPU
68030, 486, Sparc, HPPA
User interface


Download Name Version Language CPU File type File size
NeXT NEXTSTEP 3.1 (CD) [M68K][x86] 3.1 English x86-32,m68k CD 230MB
NeXT NEXTSTEP 3.3 (CD) [M68K][x86] 3.3 English x86-32,m68k CD 154.51MB
NeXT NeXTSTEP 3.2 (CD) [M68K][x86] 3.2 English x86-32,m68k CD 171.02MB
NeXT NeXTSTEP [Sun SPARC, HP PARISC] for Sparc and PARISC English SPARC,Other CD 155.64MB
NextStep Nebula 1.0 Intel (August 1993) (ISO) Nebula 1.0 Intel English x86-32 CD 144.32MB
Nextstep 3.0 HD Image With Previous 3.0 English m68k Archive 25.5MB
Nextstep 3.1 HD Image With Previous 3.1 English m68k Archive 38.45MB
Nextstep 3.2 HD Image With Previous 3.2 English m68k Archive 39.16MB
Nextstep 3.3 HD Image With Previous 3.3 English m68k Archive 60.51MB


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