MultiExpress Data and Fax 3.0

MultiExpress Data and Fax 3.0 is one of a number of packages in the MultiExpress product series. This package includes MutliExpressFAX, a tool for receiving and sending FAXes, and MultiExpress Terminal, a terminal program for connecting to BBSes or mainframes.


Release notes

MutliExpressFAX for Windows allows you to fax whatever you can print from any windows application. To be able to send faxes, select MEWPRN as your default printer driver from your application, print the documents to be faxed and supply the phonebook details asked at the time of printing. CMEWFAX will capture the print output, convert it into fax files and start sending them to the selected recipients. To receive faxes from anybody, enable the receive option in the Configuration after selecting the correct serial port and the modem type. Once you have MultiExpress waiting for ring, if any fax call comes in EMEWFAX will automatically answer the call, receive the fax and put it in the receive log. With MEWFAX, you can view your faxes while receiving, print them on receive, or forward to others.

MEWFAX not only supports serial ports, but also MCSI and NASI compatible async servers. So, you can select any MCSI line for sending and receiving your faxes. MEWFAX allows you to annotate the faxes received by you with the special annotator tool before forwarding them to others. You can also design your own coverpages using the coverpage designer tool, which can be used while sending faxes to others. In addition to printing from applications, any ASCII text files, PCX files, bitmap files or TIFF files can be directly submitted from MEWFAX which will be converted and queued for sending. MEWFAX allows you to share the serial port as well as the modem with MEW terminal without any special changes.

MultiExpress Terminal for Windows allows you to connect to any popular BBS, any mainframe or any other host which can be connected using a modem. It supports all the popular terminal emulations like ANSI, VT100, IBM 3101 etc., and many more. MEW Terminal supports ZMODEM, YMODEM, KERMIT, XMODEM and most of the popular file transfer protocols to allow you to upload and download files. You can choose your modem from a predefined list which covers all popular modems, or you can add your own modem configuration. You can have multiple terminals in different windows which can be connected to different hosts at the same time using different communication devices. Configurable toolbar, statusbar and functionbar allows you to tune the user interface to your taste. The easy to use phonebook and dialing directory allows you to call into any popular BBS without any problem.

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