Microsoft File 1.x (Mac)

Microsoft file is an easy to use (non relational) database program for the Apple Macintosh. You can build custom databases with text, numeric, and pictorial fields. You can then enter or view data through GUI based forms and reports. Microsoft File features a visual form and reports builder that enables you to quickly build a customized database user interface.

Trivia: There was an MS-DOS version of Microsoft File, but it was only sold in Japan. (Source: InfoWorld Jan 21, 1985)


Release notes

This archive includes a 400k raw disk image for use with emulators.

Apparently, 1.00 is not copy protected, but other versions are.

Product type
Application Database
Release date
Minimum CPU
68K Mac
User interface
Download count
0 (0 for release)


Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
Microsoft File 1.00 for Macintosh (3.5) 1.00 for Macintosh English 617.48KB 0
Microsoft File 1.00 for Macintosh (Kryoflux) 1.00 for Macintosh English 13.68MB 0
Microsoft File 1.00 for Macintosh Manual 1.00 for Macintosh English 46.28MB 0
Microsoft File 1.04 for Macintosh (1986) (3.5-800k) (SCP) 1.04 for Macintosh English 27.97MB 0


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