Microsoft Access is a powerful and friendly desktop database. You can design complex tables, forms, and reports through selection and drag-and drop. You can make a fully usable interactive database application without a line of code, but for more advanced functionality it supports built-in Visual Basic for Applications. It is also bundled with some versions of Microsoft Office

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Access 95 is the first 32-bit version, and requires at least Windows 95 or NT.


Category: Software Application
Platform: Windows
Release: 1995
End of Life: Unknown
RAM: Unknown
Disk Space: Unknown
Required CPU: 386
Type: Graphical



Name Version Size Language Architecture Contents
Microsoft Access 95 (3.5 DMF)  95 (7.0) 16.51 MB English x86 3.5" Floppy
Microsoft Access 95 (3.5)  95 (7.0) 16.85 MB English x86 3.5" Floppy
Microsoft Access 95 (7.00.00) [Arabic, English]  95 (7.0) 17.31 MB Arabic, English x86 File Archive