Mathematica 2.x

Mathematica, from Wolfram Research, Inc., is a mathematical and scientific application to formulate complex equations.

Mathematica competed against Maple V from Waterloo Maple Software, and Mathworks MatLab.


Installation instructions

Version 2.1 is intended for Windows 3.1, but also runs under 3.0 without some features.

The product will repeatedly ask for a license "password" that is supposed to be provided with the serial number. But it will still work if you don't mind clicking "Cancel" a lot.

Product type
Application Mathematics
Wolfram Research, Inc.
Release date
User interface
Download count
4 (1 for release)


Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
Mathematica 2.0.4 for Windows (1991) (3.5-1.44mb) 2.0.4 for Windows English 10.08MB 0
Mathematica 2.1 Student Version for Windows (3.5-1.44mb) 2.1 Student Version for Windows English 4.14MB 0
Mathematica 2.2 Student Version Update (3.5-1.44mb) 2.2 Student Version Update Upgrade English 952.39KB 1
Mathematica Enhanced Version 2.1 for Windows (3.5-1.44mb) Enhanced Version 2.1 for Windows English 4.17MB 0


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