Mace Utilities v1990

The Mace Utilities, from Paul Mace Software, is a suite of disk and system tools similar to the Norton Utilities and PC-Tools. Notable features in included the ability to undelete files, recover re-formatted disks, a defragmenter, and disk caching software. In 1989, Paul Mace Software Inc sold the Mace Utilities to 5th Generation Systems. After "Mace Express" in 1991, the product seemed to vanish?

Wanted: Earlier versions, Mace Utilities 5.0, Mace Gold Utilities 5.0, Mace Utilities 4.10, Mace Express


Release notes

Named "Version 1990" (dated December 1989), this was the first version of Mace Utilities released after it was sold to 5th Generation Systems.

A review can be found in PC Magazine Mar 27, 1990

It competed against Norton Utilities Advanced Edition 4.5 and PC Tools Deluxe 5.5

Version 1990 features easier to use menus, DOS 4.0 support, and a disk wiping tool. It excludes the backup utilities found in the previous Mace Gold Utilities 5.0 - presumably to avoid competing with 5th Generation Systems' FastBack Plus

This was followed by a somewhat dumbed down "Mace Express", after which the product seemed to disappear.

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