Label Magic 3.00

Label Magic is an excellent labeling system that generates professional looking labels in minutes, complete with graphic icons. Part of the program is a utility to let you create your own icons. There is more to this program than logos, however. You can do mailing lists with or without icons. If your printer can handle envelopes, you can print your logo and return address directly on envelopes. You can use it to print letterheads. You can also have alphabetically sorted directory entries. You can preview the label and icon on screen with Hercules monographics, CGA, MCGA, EGA, AT&T HiRes, or VGA. Where many graphics oriented shareware programs are weakest is in the number of printers they support because each type of printer requires different routines to print graphics. Label Magic is well above average in this regard, supporting the C.Tioh 8510, NEC 8023, Epson FX (and compatibles), Epson LX, IBM Graphics, IBM Proprinter, HP Deskjet and Deskjet Plus, HP LaserJet II, HP PaintJet, Epson LQ-2500 and (Joseph M. Albanese) (Reg.Fee: $25)

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