IRIX Patches

IRIX was a operating system created by SGI (Silicon Graphics Inc) that was based off of System V Unix. In addition, this OS had additional BSD elements. It's initial release was in 1988 and was designed to on MIPS processors. IRIX machines were typically used for visual effects in the entertainment industry and in the scientific community for several years after the fall of Amiga in the early 90s.

IRIX was the OS that introduced the XFS file system, used in some Linux distributions.

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Download Name Version Language CPU File type File size
Compiler Execution Environment 7.3 English MIPS64 CD 142.12MB
Developer Tools Maintenance Release English MIPS64 CD 97.54MB
MIPSpro CPP Compiler 7.3 English MIPS64 CD 3.86MB
ONC3-NFS Version-3 for IRIX 6.2 Trough 6.5 05-99 English MIPS64 CD 51.31MB
ProDev Developers Suite 05-99 English MIPS64 CD 463.01MB


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