ImgBurn 2.x

ImgBurn is a simple, easy to use, and powerful freeware CD/DVD writing tool. It can write CDs from ISO files, create ISOs from CDs, and create ISOs from files. It can write data DVDs (not video DVDs) from ISOs or files, and it can deal with file systems that are limited to ~2 gigabyte files maximum. It supports ISO, Joliet, and UDF.

Release notes

This specific version has been well very well tested and works well. Creating bootable CDs works (broken in some later versions), and it works perfectly under Windows 95 and later.

This version does not contain the advertising malware that later versions do however it does bundle the Google toolbar. When installing, simply be sure to uncheck the option for the "Google Toolbar".

Note: When creating data CD/DVDs for Windows, you should ALWAYS use "ISO+Joliet", as earlier Windows does not support UDF.

Note: ImgBurn will save and write Macintosh CDs. Simply tell ImgBurn to save or write an ISO file. The Macintosh contents will be saved within the ISO - however you will not be able to view or use the contents from within Windows.

This file is posted for support purposes.

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