IBM Script/PC 1.00

IBM Script/PC is a document formatter utility. It is similar to the mainframe DCF tool for IBM TSO or VM 370 that uses the Script/VS language. Unlike integrated word processors, one creates their document in a separate text editor and manually adds markup commands (called GML or Generalized Markup Language tags). This utility then interprets those commands to produce a formatted document regardless of the printer used.

On the PC, it competed against similar third party document formatters already on the market such as WORDIX+INDIX, ReadiWriter, and MicroScript.

Script/PC includes built in help reference, supplies markup macros for use with IBM Professional Editor, and can work with existing mainframe Script/VS documents.

Release notes

Minimum requirements: DOS 1.1 and 128K ram or DOS 2.0 and 192k, one floppy drive, IBM graphics or matrix printer.

Important: This disk image is formatted for DOS 1.x and will therefore not open in ImageDisk.

Reviews: PC Mag Dec 25, 1984, PC Mag Mar 19, 1985

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Application Utility Publishing
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IBM Script-PC 1.00 (5.25-160k) 1.00 English 3.75MB 0
IBM Script-PC 1.00 Manuals (Jan 1984) 1.00 English 17.75MB 0


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