IBM Graphing Assistant 1.01

IBM Graphing Assistant is a tool for creating graphs and charts using an IBM PC. Graphing Assistant is an IBM rebranded OEM version of PFS:Graph

This was part of IBM's Assistant office product series for the IBM Personal Computer. This included IBM Writing Assistant, IBM Graphing Assistant, IBM Reporting Assistant, IBM Filing Assistant, IBM Document Retrieval Assistant, IBM Planning Assistant, IBM Assistant Home Solutions, IBM Assistant Accounting Solutions, IBM Assistant Executive Solutions, and later IBM DisplayWrite Assistant.

Wanted: Version 1.00, IBM Graphing Assistant 2.00


Release notes

IBM Graphing Assistant is a tool for creating graphs and charts using an IBM PC.

Installation instructions

This software contains copy protection. For your convenience, an unprotect has been applied to the application files in the Files folder, so the files are ready to run.

To successfully run this program, the computer or emulator must recognize that there is at least one floppy drive installed. In DOSBox this means you must first mount a floppy disk image as A: before it will run.

This archive contains one 320k (8-sector double sided) disk image in Tanscopy, TeleDisk, Copy II PC, and ImageDisk format. Kryoflux and SuperCard Pro images have been added.

Product type
Application Presentations
Release date
Minimum CPU
User interface
Download count
0 (0 for release)


Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
IBM Graphing Assistant 1.01 (1984) (5.25-320k) (Kryoflux) (SCP) (TC) 1.01 English 7.23MB 0
IBM Graphing Assistant Manual 1.01 English 14.63MB 0


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