IBM 5520 Personal Computer Attachment Program 3.00

The IBM 5520/Personal Computer Attachment Program enables you to switch back and forth between your microcomputer and the functions of text and files processing and document distribution. Using this program, you can emulate (imitate the functions of) an IBM 5253 Display Station and use the functions of the IBM 5520 Administrative System. You can also emulate an IBM 3278 Display Station and add, change, copy, or delete data in the data base of an appropriately programmed IBM System 370 attached to an IBM 5520.

This program also enables you to convert IBM 5520 documents to IBM Personal Computer DOS files, and to convert IBM Personal Computer DOS files into IBM 5520 documents.

In addition, you can transfer IBM Personal Computer DOS files to TSO or CMS and CMS files or TSO data sets to DOS files during IBM 3270 Emulation.

Depending on your network configuration, you can store, print, or distribute documents between your IBM Personal Computer and your IBM 5520 Administrative System, within the same building or to remote offices that have compatible IBM communicating office equipment.

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Application Communications
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IBM 5520 Personal Computer Attachment Program 3.00 (1984) (5.25-180k) 3.00 English 80.32MB 0


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