IBM 3101 Emulator 2.00

This is a telecommunications program from IBM that lets an IBM PC emulate an IBM 3101 terminal. This was used with IBM's mainframe/minicomputer products. Product features: Emulation of a 3270-oriented subset of 3101 block mode, Full-screen sessions through PVM or VAMP, Series/1 Yale IUP and 7171 support, limited non-full-screen support for TSO/TCAM, connection to a Series/1 in block mode, Half and Full Duplex Hosts, and connection to other IBM PC's in Character Mode.


Installation instructions

To run the I3101 Emulator, you will need an IBM PC with at least one diskette drive (although two are recommended), at least 96KB RAM (128KB recommended), and the Asynchronous Communications Adapter. You should connect the RS232 port (on the back) to a 300 baud or 1200 baud modem. Direct host connection is also supported.

I3101 also supports the PC/XT, PC/XT/370, PC/AT, PCjr, and JX. At least 128K of RAM is required. I3101 requires a display and adapter card capable of displaying 80 columns. The single exception to the 80-column rule is the JX running in "native" mode.

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Application Communications
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IBM 3101 Emulator 2.00 International V12.12.85 (5.25-360k) 2.00 International V12.12.85 English 44.3KB 1


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