hDC MicroApps IBM Academic Edition

hDC's MicroApps are small desktop accessories invoked through a "MicroApp Manager". The MicroApp Manager adds an extra menu to each application window's system box. The additional menu contains a list of all available "MicroApps". This is essentially a stripped down version of the Windows 2-based hDC Windows Manager.


Release notes

IBM Academic Edition for Windows 3.0/3.1. The below is quoted from the User's Guide: "hDC MicroApps are handy pop-up utilities that are readily available from any Windows application." "This special IBM Academic Edition includes the following MicroApps:

  • Character Set, which provides easy access to special typographic symbols for use in any document. Character Set supports both the ANSI and OEM character sets.
    • Keyboard Mapper, which lets you convert your U.S. keyboard into an international keyboard and type different language characters without modifying your system setup. Additionally, your package includes MicroApp Manager, the software "engine" for MicroApp applications. Use MicroApp Manager to install, run, and manage Character Set and Keyboard Mapper, plus other MicroApps from hDC."

Installation instructions

Insert disk and run install.exe.

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Application Utility
hDC Computer Corporation
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