hDC FirstApps 1.0

hDC FirstApps is a collection of 10 simple "MicroApps". FirstApps includes Alarm Clock, Art Gallery, Auto Save, Character Set, Desktop, Font Viewer, Memory Viewer, Rocks, System Enhancer, and Work Sets. It is essentially a Windows 3 version of the Windows 2-based hDC Windows Manager.


Release notes

MicroApps are small desktop accessories invoked through a "MicroApp Manager". The MicroApp Manager adds an extra menu to each application window's system box. The additional menu contains a list of all available "MicroApps".

The "Desktop" MicroApp can enhance your desktop by placing animated images as your background, or changing your background to a live, interactive calendar. It also adds Screen Saver functionality with three to choose from.

"Rocks" is a 3d Asteroids like game, where you must shoot at colored rocks heading towards you.

Installation instructions

These are 16-bit Windows 3.0 applications. They are intended for Windows 3.0, but will also run on 3.1.

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