Halo DPE 1.x

Halo DPE (Desktop Publishing Editor) was an attempt by Media Cybernetics to enter the desktop publishing market by shoehorning additional text processing abilities in to their Dr. Halo II product.

Halo DPE features the ability to read text files in to text graphics boxes, supports scanners, can use expanded memory, can output to IMG and TIFF formats, and generally enhances the drawing tools over Dr. Halo II.

It supports a large number of graphics cards including AT&T 6300, Amdek MAI, Conographics Conovision 2800, Hercules Monochrome Graphics, IBM CGA, IBM EGA, Micro Display Devices Genius, Number Nine Revolution, Princeton Graphics LM301, Quadram Quadcolor II, STB Graphix Plus II, Scion PC 640, Sigma Designs Color 400, Tecmar Graphics Master, Wyse WY-700.

Despite these strengths, there is no ability to edit text, or to re-format imported text, making it fairly useless as a desktop publishing tool. 1.20.14 also does not support IBM VGA.

Like Dr. Halo II, Halo DPE is a capable - although clunky - bit-mapped image editor. As such, it could be used along side desktop publishing tools like Ventura Publisher or Aldus PageMaker.

Wanted: Reportedly there was a version 1.21 and 1.3.


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Application Graphics Publishing
Media Cybernetics, Inc.
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Halo DPE 1.20.14 (1987) (5.25-360k) 1.20.14 English 49.63MB 0


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