Graphwriter 4.x

Graphwriter is a business presentation and graphing package geared towards the production of 35mm slides. Supports Polaroid Corp.'s Palette 35mm slide producer and a wide variety of printers and plotters. For its time it was considered a large program, and targeted primarily towards corporate users. It also features the ability to create Gantt, organization, and bubble charts. In 1986 it was acquired by Lotus Development Corp along with Freelance.


Release notes

Reportedly, this software was written in USCD Pascal.

Installation instructions

Important: The IBM PC version is copy protected, no unprotect is known to exist. To create a usable GW system disk, you must use the provided SCP or ImageDisk images. When the program is run from the hard drive, the system disk must be in drive A:.

Product type
Application Graphics
Graphic Communications, Inc
Release date
Minimum CPU
User interface
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Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
Graphwriter 4.21 (1984) (5.25-360k) (SCP) 4.21 English 37.66MB 0
Graphwriter 4.21 Manuals (1984) 4.21 English 105.63MB 0
Graphwriter 4.21T [Tandy 2000 (r01.00.00)] (5.25-DSQD) 4.21T [Tandy 2000 (r01.00.00)] English 12.96MB 0


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