Generic CADD 5.0

Generic CADD, originally from Generic Software, Inc., was a popular low-cost 2D CAD program targeted at casual drafting users. Initially it competed against AutoCAD, and the budget TurboCAD. The original version offered a number of separately purchasable modules.

It was bought by Autodesk in 1989, who released several enhanced versions before abandoning it. It was then picked up by Numera, which consisted of many original Generic CADD programmers, who released a much more complicated Windows port named Visual CADD. It never regained its popularity and was eventually acquired by Corel and IMSI before finally landing at TriTools. The original developers also created another offshoot called General CADD Pro.

Wanted: Earlier versions.


Release notes

Generic CADD Home Series is a stripped down set of starter programs targeted at hobbyists.

Product type
Application Engineering
Generic Software, Inc
Release date
User interface
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1 (1 for release)


Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
Generic CADD 5.0 Home Series (1991) (3.5-720k) 5.0 Home Series English 1.76MB 1


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