FileMaker Pro 3.x

FileMaker is a very easy to use graphical flat-file database management tool from Claris that allows for visual form and report creation. Originally for DOS, there were Macintosh versions and later it was ported to Windows.


Release notes

Version 3.0 was the first release of the FileMaker series to be "relational". This means you can link several databases (tables) together to integrate information from one database with another. For example, a database of customers can link to a database of purchases so that a table of individual purchases appears with each customer. Similar in spirit to dBASE and Microsoft Access for DOS/Windows.

Installation instructions

Mac version requires a Mac Plus or newer, 68k & PPC Windows version is 32-bit and requires 95/NT or later.

Product type
Application Database
Claris Corporation
Release date
Minimum CPU
m68k and PPC / i386
User interface
Windows MacOS
Download count
9 (0 for release)


Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
Claris FileMaker Pro 3.0v1 for Macintosh and Windows (ISO) Pro 3.0v1 for Macintosh and Windows English 28.85MB 0


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