DisplayWrite 4/2

DisplayWrite is a word processor that is based on the IBM Displaywriter dedicated word processing system. It directly competed with software ports of dedicated word processors such as the Wang Word Processing System (or its clone MultiMate ), Lanier Word Processing Software, Xerox, DEC, or similar.

DisplayWrite was among IBM's first internally developed, commercially sold PC software products, and was the first IBM released word processor after the much derided EasyWriter.

It was heavily based around the idea of document interchange and interoperability between IBM's desktop and mainframe products. Despite that, it had very poor interoperability with non IBM products, and supported only a tiny handful of IBM printers.

Later in its life, IBM produced a seperate product called IBM DisplayWrite Assistant, with a user interface similar to IBM Writing Assistant but with features of and interoperability with DisplayWrite. This was intended to bridge the gap with their entry level "Assistant" product line.

Release notes

DisplayWrite 4/2 is a port of DisplayWrite to the OS/2 1.x operating system.

"IBM DisplayWrite 4/2 operates under IBM Operating System/2 as a full-function word processing program. Use IBM DisplayWrite 4/2 to create, revise, merge, or print documents while multi-tasking with other application programs written for Operating System/2. Select items from convenient pop-up menus. Merge text with data from other PC application program files or host application programs. "

Features: Multi-column text, sort blocks of text, copy format, view another document, view formatted page off text, flush right/left or center alignment of lines of text between margins, synonym assist, print color instruction, date instruction, enhanced features include append to copy, mode and ascii block functions added to notepad as options, change dictionary or supplement in spell check, multiple concurrently active dictionaries support for spell checking. Optional overstrike capability of blanks and tabs, pitch change in headers of footer capability, skip to line number added to merge with includes and merge with names variables along with merge with data files, IBM and OEM printer support.

Wanted: 5.25" disks, manual scan

Installation instructions

Designed for IBM OS/2 1.0 (native 16-bit console application) Requires an XT-286, AT 286, PS/2 Model 50, 60, or 80, or later. Color display with 2MB of ram or more.

Product type
Application Word Processor
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