Digital UNIX 4.0E

Formerly OSF/1, in 1994 after the Open Software Foundation (run by DEC, IBM, and HP) ceased involvement, Digital Equipment Corporation renamed the OS to "Digital UNIX". In 1998, DEC was bought out by Compaq and the product was again renamed, to Tru64 UNIX.

Release notes

Changes from 4.0D: ASE v1.5; USB support; AdvFS atomic write data logging; Sendmail 8.8.8; ODBC/JDBC; Netscape 4.05

Product type
Digital Equipment Corporation
Release date
Sun Nov 01 1998
Minimum CPU
DEC Alpha
User interface
Download count
14 (1 for release)


Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
Digital UNIX 4.0E - Associated Products - Volume 1 [DEC Alpha] (ISO) 4.0E English 500.02MB 0
Digital UNIX 4.0E - Associated Products - Volume 2 [DEC Alpha] (ISO) 4.0E English 136.35MB 0
Digital UNIX 4.0E - Documentation [DEC Alpha] (ISO) 4.0E English 84.43MB 0
Digital UNIX 4.0E - Operating System [DEC Alpha] (ISO) 4.0E English 185.68MB 1


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