Tru64, formerly Digital UNIX, formerly OSF/1 was DEC's UNIX product for their line of Alpha based systems. After DEC's acquisition by Compaq, it was renamed to Tru64. DEC previously had sold a BSD derivative named Ultrix for Vax and MIPS based systems. Their new UNIX on Alpha was meant to counter AT&T and Sun's SVR4 Unix. Tru64 / DIGITAL UNIX / OSF/1 is somewhat interesting in that it used portions of the Mach microkernel and BSD kernel and userland in a manner not entirely unlike NeXTSTEP or Mac OS X. Like OS X, Tru64 itself is not a microkernel system but uses Mach code in its kernel to implement threading and scheduling and possibly other features.

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Boot the Operating System CDROM from your Alpha systems SRM console. A graphical installer is provided. Partition your disk, install the system. It should be fairly intuitive. Copy the license script to the system and run as root to load licenses. Networking and FTP will work before running the license script and can be used to get the script on to the system.


Category: Operating System
Platform: Unix
Release: 1999
End of Life: Unknown
RAM: Unknown
Disk Space: Unknown
Required CPU: Alpha CPU
Type: Graphical


Name Version Size Language Architecture Contents
Tru64 UNIX 5.0 - Disk 1 Operating System  5.0 315.81 MB English Alpha CD-ROM ISO
Tru64 UNIX 5.0 - Disk 2 Associated Products 1 -r910_A1  5.0 405.71 MB English Alpha CD-ROM ISO
Tru64 UNIX 5.0 - Disk 3 Associated Products 2 -r910_A2  5.0 56.77 MB English Alpha CD-ROM ISO