Dan Bricklin's Demo II v2

Dan Bricklin's "Demo" is a tool for creating tutorials, interactive application demonstrations, and interface prototypes. It has a powerful scripting system, with the ability to store and manipulate both text and graphics screens, and a redistributable runtime.

This program is notable as having been written by Dan Bricklin, the author of VisiCalc. Demo was first released in 1985 by Dan Bricklin's consulting firm Software Garden. It was later sold under Peter Norton Computing, and then Sage Software.

Demo II Version 2 provides image capture, import features, and 100 new run actions.

Demo II Version 3, released in 1991 under Sage Software, uses a revamped CUA UI, and supports VGA.

A Microsoft Windows version was released under the name "Demo-It!".

Wanted: Demo (original), Demo II V3, Demo-It!

Product type
Application Presentations
Peter Norton Computing
Release date
Minimum CPU
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Download Name Version Language CPU File type File size
Dan Bricklins Demo II Version 2 Manual II Version 2 English x86 Archive 60.84MB
Dan Bricklins Demo II Version 2B (5.25-360k) II Version 2B English x86 5¼ Floppy 1.06MB


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