CP/M 86 1.x

CP/M-86 is a port of Digital Research's CP/M operating system to the Intel 8088/8086. The earlier CP/M-80 was extremely popular on 8080/Z80 microcomputers.

It was anticipated that CP/M-86 would be the de-facto operating system on IBM's 8088 based IBM Personal Computer. However after a failure between Digital Research and IBM to coordinate a license for the IBM Personal Computer's August 1981 release, IBM instead partnered with Microsoft to release PC-DOS. CP/M-86 for the IBM PC was released on April 1982, but by that time DOS already had a foothold.

CP/M-86 was ported to a number of non IBM compatible platforms that also used the x86 CPU. It later evolved in to DOS Plus and DR-DOS and branched in to Concurrent CP/M-86

CP/M is currently open sourced under the BSD license.

The Columbia Data Product OEM and IBM releases will run on an IBM PC or compatible. Others, however, will not.

The CP/M-86 1.10 [IBM PC] release has known issues running on an AT or with a hard disk controller.

Product type
Digital Research
Release date
Minimum CPU
Minimum RAM
Minimum free disk space
User interface


Download Name Version Language CPU File type File size
CPM-86 1.00 [IBM PC] (5.25-160k) 1.00 [IBM PC] English x86 5¼ Floppy 65.39KB
CPM-86 1.00 [IBM PC] (5.25-160k) (alt) 1.00 [IBM PC] English x86 5¼ Floppy 1.84MB
CPM-86 1.1 [NCR Decision Mate V] (5.25-DSDD) 1.1 [NCR Decision Mate V] English x86 5¼ Floppy 147.63KB
CPM-86 1.1 [Olympia People] [German] (5.25-DSQD) 1.1 [Olympia People] German x86 5¼ Floppy 231.81KB
CPM-86 1.1 [TI Professional Computer] [BETA] (5.25-160kb) 1.1 BETA Prerelease English x86 5¼ Floppy 39.52MB
CPM-86 1.1 [Zenith Z-100] (5.25-DSDD) 1.1 [Zenith Z-100] English x86 5¼ Floppy 277.01KB
CPM-86 1.1 r0.9 for NEC APC (8-inch) 1.1 r0.9 for NEC APC English x86 Archive 20.7MB
CPM-86 1.10 [IBM PC-XT] (5.25-320k) 1.10 [IBM PC-XT] English x86 5¼ Floppy 84.45KB
CPM-86 1.10 [IBM PC] (5.25-160k) 1.10 [IBM PC] English x86 5¼ Floppy 154.58KB
CPM-86 1.x Manual [IBM OEM r1.00] 1.x [IBM OEM r1.00] English x86 Archive 9.14MB
CPM-86 R1.1 [CDP OEM V1.5] (5.25-320k) R1.1 [CDP OEM V1.5] English x86 5¼ Floppy 92.42KB
CPM-86 R1.1 [CDP OEM V1.6] (5.25-320k) R1.1 [CDP OEM V1.6] English x86 5¼ Floppy 140.25KB
CPM-86 R1.1 [CDP OEM V1.7] (5.25-320k) R1.1 [CDP OEM V1.7] English x86 5¼ Floppy 207.42KB
CPM-86 V1.1B [Eagle Computer OEM] (5.25-320k) V1.1B [Eagle Computer OEM] English x86 5¼ Floppy 171.57KB


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