CP/M 86 1.x

CP/M-86 is a port of Digital Research's CP/M operating system to the Intel 8088/8086. The earlier CP/M-80 was extremely popular on 8080/Z80 microcomputers.

It was anticipated that CP/M-86 would be the de-facto operating system on IBM's 8088 based IBM Personal Computer. However after a failure between Digital Research and IBM to coordinate a license for the IBM Personal Computer's August 1981 release, IBM instead partnered with Microsoft to release PC-DOS. CP/M-86 for the IBM PC was released on April 1982, but by that time DOS already had a foothold.

CP/M-86 was ported to a number of non IBM compatible platforms that also used the x86 CPU. It later evolved in to DOS Plus and DR-DOS and branched in to Concurrent CP/M-86

CP/M is currently open sourced under the BSD license.


Release notes

The Columbia Data Product OEM and IBM releases will run on an IBM PC or compatible. Others, however, will not.

The CP/M-86 1.10 [IBM PC] release has known issues running on an AT or with a hard disk controller.

Product type
Digital Research
Release date
Minimum CPU
Minimum RAM
Minimum free disk space
User interface
Download count
8 (8 for release)


Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
CPM-86 1.00 [IBM PC] (5.25-160k) 1.00 [IBM PC] English 65.39KB 1
CPM-86 1.00 [IBM PC] (5.25-160k) (alt) 1.00 [IBM PC] English 1.84MB 0
CPM-86 1.1 [NCR Decision Mate V] (5.25-DSDD) 1.1 [NCR Decision Mate V] English 147.63KB 0
CPM-86 1.1 [Olympia People] [German] (5.25-DSQD) 1.1 [Olympia People] German 231.81KB 0
CPM-86 1.1 [TI Professional Computer] [BETA] (5.25-160kb) 1.1 BETA Prerelease English 39.52MB 0
CPM-86 1.1 [Zenith Z-100] (5.25-DSDD) 1.1 [Zenith Z-100] English 277.01KB 0
CPM-86 1.1 r0.9 for NEC APC (8-inch) 1.1 r0.9 for NEC APC English 20.7MB 0
CPM-86 1.10 [IBM PC-XT] (5.25-320k) 1.10 [IBM PC-XT] English 84.45KB 3
CPM-86 1.10 [IBM PC] (5.25-160k) 1.10 [IBM PC] English 154.58KB 2
CPM-86 1.x Manual [IBM OEM r1.00] 1.x [IBM OEM r1.00] English 9.14MB 2
CPM-86 R1.1 [CDP OEM V1.5] (5.25-320k) R1.1 [CDP OEM V1.5] English 92.42KB 0
CPM-86 R1.1 [CDP OEM V1.6] (5.25-320k) R1.1 [CDP OEM V1.6] English 140.25KB 0
CPM-86 R1.1 [CDP OEM V1.7] (5.25-320k) R1.1 [CDP OEM V1.7] English 207.42KB 0
CPM-86 V1.1B [Eagle Computer OEM] (5.25-320k) V1.1B [Eagle Computer OEM] English 171.57KB 0


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