CADKEY is a 2D/3D mechanical CAD (computer aided design or computer aided drafting) software application released for various DOS, Solaris, and Microsoft Windows operating systems. Originally released for DOS in 1984, CADKEY was among the first CAD programs with 3D capabilities for personal computers.


Release notes

Video devices supported:

AT&T Display Enhancement Board, Tseng EVA/480, Hercules Monochrome Graphics, IBM Color Graphics Adapter, IBM Enhanced Graphics Adapter, IBM Personal System 2 MCGA, IBM Personal System 2 VGA, AT&T Indigenous Graphics Board, Mylex AGA, Sigma Designs Color 400, Tecmar Graphics Master, Video 7 Deluxe

Input devices supported:

Cherry Tablet, GTCO Digipad 5 series tablet, HIPAD DT-11 tablet, Hitachi Tiger tablet, Kurta tablet, Microsoft mouse, Mouse Systems mouse, Numonics tablet, Summagraphics MM1100, MM1200,1800, and MM960 series tablet, Summagraphics Summamouse model 420, Calcomp 2000 tablet, Summagraphics Microgrid series tablet, Torrington mouse, and Pencept Penpad (MM1100 emulation).

Plotting Devices supported:

Houston Instruments DMP 40,50,29 series, Hewlett Packard HPGL, Calcomp 104x series, Calcomp 907 and 951 electrostatic, and Hewlett Packard HPGL.

Product type
Application Graphics Engineering
Micro Control Systems, Inc.
Release date
User interface
Download count
2 (2 for release)


Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
CADKEY 1.42 (1988) (5.25-360k) 1.42 English 23.84MB 2


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