BPI Inventory Control C.13

BPI Inventory Control is one of a number of accounting and business management programs produced by BPI Systems, Inc. PBI software was among the more popular management programs during the early 1980s. There were versions for the Apple II, CP/M, and the IBM PC. IBM sold an OEM version along side their IBM PC products under IBM part number 6024030.

Other BPI titles included BPI General Accounting, BPI Accounts Receivable, BPI Accounts Payable, BPI Payroll, and more.

The BPI products competed against similar products from Peachtree Software. In 1987 BPI Systems was bought by Computer Associates.


Release notes

The manual reads as if the "key" disks might be copy protected, however no protection seems to be present in this version. These disks are ONLY used for end-of-period processing, not day to day operation. The manual also states that simply copying the files from the "key" disk to a hard drive will allow the procedure to run from the hard drive.

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Application Financial
BPI Systems, Inc
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Download name Version Language Architecture File size Downloads
BPI Inventory Control C.13 (1986) (5.25-360k) C.13 (1986) English 2.21MB 0
BPI Inventory Control C.13 (1986) (SCP) (Kryoflux) C.13 (1986) English 33.74MB 0
BPI Inventory Control C.13 (1986) Manuals C.13 (1986) English 90.4MB 0


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