Boeing Calc 3.00E

Boeing Calc was a spreadsheet package written by Boeing Computer Services, an independent subsidiary of aviation manufacturer Boeing. It had originally been developed as an in-house accounting tool, but was launched as a commercial product in April 1985 for IBM 4300 mainframes running IBM MVS and IBM PC microcomputers running MS-DOS. Boeing Calc was notable for introducing the concept of 3D spreadsheets. Often Boeing Graph was sold alongside Boeing Calc.

Boeing Calc sounds like a very exciting product!


Installation instructions

To install, create a directory on your hard drive, and then with C: as your current drive, run A:INSTALL. Do not run install with A: as your current drive.

Note: DOSBox has problems with the installer.

Wanted: Manual scan. Wanted: Earlier versions. Wanted: Boeing Calc 4.0 (last version)

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Application Spreadsheet
The Boeing Company.
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